Upload to multiple CDN servers simultaneously via FTP or SSH

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Right now I’m uploading files like so:

  1. Connect to first server
  2. Upload to first server
  3. Connect to second server
  4. Ulpoad to second server
  5. And so on..

Is there some software what can ulpoad my files to all my servers at once?
Or can some kind of FTP synchronization software do that?
E.g. synchronizing my localhost’s folders with all my servers?
Localhost is running Windows 7 🙂

I have FTP and SSH access to the CDN servers, which run on Linux.


On Windows, you can use GoodSync.

Some hosts may or may not be happy about letting you install/run it, but Dropbox is good for synchronizing the same directory across multiple machines, including collision detection, which can be sorted out after-the-fact using the website to determine what to keep, and what to rename (if any).


Of course, by default, you’re limited to about 2Gb of space for synchronizing…

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