Use Raspberry Pi as audio output device for iMac?

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Problem :

So, I have been having issues with audio on macOS Sierra (the CoreAudio daemon randomly fails to work with analogue output, i.e. 3.5mm out jack.). I’ve got a Raspberry Pi 2 model B+ that I’ve already replaced several peripherals with, and I’m wanting to add audio output to that list.

Here’s the general concept I’m trying to achieve: Connect the Raspberry Pi to my iMac via USB, and configure it such that I can select the Raspberry Pi as an audio output device in the Sound Preferences Panel. Then I want all output sent to the Pi via USB to either get piped through it’s 3.5mm jack to a set of external speakers, or through it’s HDMI port to my external display’s speakers. While I can perform the second half of this from the Raspberry Pi itself rather easily, I haven’t the slightest as to how I should go about actually using the Pi as an output device on the iMac. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how one might go about doing this?

Solution :

You could setup your Pi to act as an A2DP receiver, or possibly set it up to do PulseAudio over WiFi too.

Bluetooth A2DP

PulseAudio over WiFi

(P.s. I know it’s a late response, but could help other people…)

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