Using a Dell laptop screen as the screen for a different device

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Problem :

So I’m making a home made gaming console, and I want to use my dell laptop as the screen (I don’t want to reach behind my desk to get the HDMI cable out of my actual pc to connect it to my normal monitor), it is a very old laptop which runs Linux mint.

I have a cable that runs from HDMI to USB (my laptop does not have an HDMI slot, yes it’s that old) with the HDMI part plugged in my console.

Does anybody know a way to set up my laptop so it can be used as a screen? I’ve tried looking into the BIOS for options but didn’t get any further.

Solution :

TL;DR : You can’t do that in a simple way.

Long story short, a laptop’s screen is made to receive a signal and output it not the contrary. Even if the laptop was equipped with HDMI, that would be an output that is wired to the GPU that would be used for an external monitor connection.

Using the laptop’s screen by itself requires a direct connection (with an adapter ?) to the screen, which will disable it’s capacity to show the laptop’s output signal.

There were several models of iMac that allowed you to use them as external monitors : . However, that was a very custom solution that Apple created, and I haven’t heard of other computer manufacturers doing it. Sorry.

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