Using excel for tracking project timelines

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I am trying to put together a doc (preferably excel sheet) that I can use to track software projects with my team mates. Here’s what I want. I want a way so I can lay out all the weeks in one quarter horizontally. And then for each week I want to have 2 things vertically :

  1. What project is being worked on?
  2. Who’ working on it?

This way, I can have a nice weekly visualization of what are all the projects being worked on and who’s working on them and I can then parallelize resources (designs/engineering) so that things move along smoothly. My excel foo is not that great but I have feeling that there’s definitely a way to do this in excel (or otherwise)


Sounds like you are doing Scrum. Here are a few templates. One for 14 day and one for 30 day.

We’re using iceSrum, it’s an OpenSource project, if you are thinking of going into that direction.

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