Using linux to extract files from a windows OS

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I have a computer that is completely hijacked. I cant even get into windows safe mode to install a virus utility software. Id like to use a linux distribution on cd and access the windows users files (pictures,music,etc) and move them to a usb drive. What is the most reliable CD distribution of linux i can use to take care of this?


  • Slax its 216 MB bootable by usb or cd and very simple interface
    enter image description here

If you are comfortable with the command line, any linux OS that boots to a live version would do. Ubuntu is a favorite of mine and also Knoppix is great too.

Nice thing about some of the more user friendly distros (Ubuntu) is they auto-mount all the Windows partitions and external drives for you and provide great file explorers to handle the copying, pasting etc.

as a side tip, I would also scan the transferred data before you throw everything back on a fresh new machine.

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