VAIO VPC-SA with i915 driver display blink/noise

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Problem :

I have a VAIO VPC-SA laptop, with an Ubuntu 11.4 installed.
The problem lies in the strange screen blinking/noise which is mostly
noticeable in grey gradients and causes eyes fatigue and pain after
prolonged use.

This problem does not occur with the VESA driver and Windows, but it’s
reproduced in Fedora Core and Ubuntu 10.08/11.08 at X-window and
cosole (with i915 module). It is clear that the problem is in the
driver, but I can’t determine the source of noise, it may be because
of the backlight, or the display-panel.

I captured it and it looks like this.

Solution :

There is a patch called [Intel-gfx] [PATCH] drm/i915: disable temporal dithering on the internal panel.

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