VERR_ACCESS_DENIED error with Virutalised existing linux partition

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Problem :

I have installed both ubuntu 14.04 and windows 8.1 on my harddrive but due to certain circumstances I need to virtualize my linux partition. I have been able to login successfully into it but then …
enter image description here

The first time I did this it when right to the login screen. Found this thread
VM on RAW disk on Windows 7 host

which suggest that I should use Diskpart to run the command ATTRIBUTES DISK CLEAR READONLY I wonder whether it is necessary and whether it’s a good idea as this is my output from ATTRIBUTES DISKoutput from ATTRIBUTES DISK .

I’d hate to make a stupid mistake right now. So can anyone help me out with this error?


  • Tried it though. Got an error
    Diskpart failed to clear disk attributes
  • Disabled UAC

Solution :

I had to go into virtual machine’s settings> storage> SATA controller> check use host i/o cache.

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