Vimperator. Setting an external editor in Windows XP

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This should be easy but I just cannot seem to get it working despite searching for answers, so I turn to you fine ladies and gentlemen. This is what my C:Documents and Settingsuser_vimperatorrc file looks like:

set "editor=C:\bin\gvim.exe -f"

The gvim executable does exist there and it runs. When in the text area I type C-i and I get this error:

Command not found: C:bingvim.exe

I have tried a bunch of other things but none have worked. Can someone share with me how you got it working in windows?


This is what finally worked for me in Windows 7 after trying TONS of different escaping possibilities. Turns out you need / for the path separator, and \ before a space:

set editor="C:/Program\ Files\ (x86)/Vim/vim73/gvim.exe"

This was the solution I came up with:

set editor='C:\bin\gvim.exe -f'

I just came across this issue. On the Windows XP SP3 machine that I am forced to deal with, I added this line:

set editor='C:\Program Files\Vim\vim73\gvim.exe -f'

To this file:

C:Documents and Settingsdotancohen_vimperatorrc

On a Windows 7 machine, I added the directory containing the gvim.exe executable (C:Program Files (x86)Vimvim74 in my case) to the PATH environmental variable, so typing gvim in a DOS box worked.

I then restarted Firefox, and all worked as expected.

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