wakeonlan and etherwake don’t work

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Problem :

My goal is to wake up my PC.

I have connected my Raspberry Pi directly through LAN to my PC. I have installed etherwake and wakeonlan, and both commands failed.

Well, actually it didn’t really fail, on the contrary: it said it succeeded but my PC was still off and sleepy!

How I have found the mac address of my PC:

Network Connection Details

Also rechecked with:

screenshot showing terminal with arp output

I tried those two commands:

 sudo wakeonlan <my mac address>


 Sending magic packet to with 00:25:xx:xx:xx:xx

and I get my console back (without anything happening),


 sudo etherwake <my mac address>

didn’t work. I got my console back without any warnings/succeed or something else.

Then I tried this command

sudo etherwake <my mac address> -D


 The target station address is 0:25:xx:xx:xx:xx.
 Packet is ff ff ff ff ff ff 00 25 xx xx xx xx 08 etc. etc.
 Sendto worked ! 116

Can someone help me?

This is my motherboard:

Oh, and yes! Boot from onboard LAN is enabled!! I checked this like 10 times for now.

Solution :

Once you’ve got WOL enabled in the target system’s BIOS, check that wake on LAN is enabled in its OS. In Linux, this can be done with following the command (on the target system):

sudo ethtool <NIC> | grep "Wake"

Where <NIC> is an interface name like eth0. The output should look something like the following:

Supports Wake-on: g
Wake-on: g

If the output for Supports Wake-on doesn’t contain the letter g either your hardware or driver is incompatible. If it does contain g and if the output for Wake-on contains d but not g, you should be able to enable WOL with the following command:

sudo ethtool -s <NIC> wol g

Note that this setting doesn’t survive reboots, so you’ll have to stash the command (minus the sudo) someplace where it will be executed on boot such as /etc/network/interfaces (which will also persist through ifdown/ifup cycles) or /etc/rc.local.

Now you should be able to wake the system from elsewhere with the wakeonlan command.

Ubuntu Help: Wake on LAN

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