Weird Slowness on My Win 7

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I have dual boot (Ubuntu and Win7) on my computer for 2 months. My computer is Sony VAIO VPCF22S1E. It has i7 CPU and 8GB RAM

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There is a weird slowness for a few months on Windows 7 OS. While using Ubuntu there isn’t any slowness. But while i’m using Win 7 there is slowness.

Nod32 installed on my computer and i’m scanning my all devices on in-depth scan mode and there isn’t any virus etc.

But on every Windows 7 startup i’m getting an “hKIow… (meanless chars) has stopped working” error. I have googled name of application (hKIow…) but there isn’t any result.

Also i’m defragmenting my harddisk regularly .

I don’t want to format my computer.

How you any idea for me ?


Install Process monitor and enable boot logging, restart the PC and log into W7, then review the logs to see if you can nail down this random program, might be a leftover from malware removal.

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