weird thomson router problem – hangs when IM application is launched

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Problem :

I recently got a thomson router from my ISP. Whenever google talk is launched the connection to the internet is lost and the router has to be restarted.

I tried google and found 1 more report with the same problem, but no solution.

UPnP is enabled but i cannot figure out what is the problem.

Any help/ideas?

Solution :

After the last comment on the topic. I am answering this question with details on product version and software release.

Status: FIXED

Product Name: TG585 v8

Software Release: 8.2.P.G

Software Variant: AG

Boot Loader Version: 1.0.5


firmware bug on the current firmware 8.2.P.G.


Firmware-upgrade to version 8.2.7 instead (TG585v8 8.2.7 FW.piz)

Download from :

(i cannot guarantee that the link works. It worked for me.)

Note: Cause and resolution as reported by Speedtouch English Support.

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