What are “:ms-properties ” files?

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Due to a failure of a partition managing software, I had to recover the files from my local hard drive with TestDisk on a live Ubuntu drive.

Afterwards, I encountered several files named :ms-properties. They only occur in the parent folder of my SkyDrive location and in the SkyDrive subfolders. Additionally, for every file or folder, there exists a corresponding :ms-properties file.

Note: I can only see these files under Linux. They disappear when using Windows.


:ms-properties file for the SkyDrive folder
:ms-properties file in the SkyDrive folder

They do not have a file extension.

System info

  • Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
  • The location of the SkyDrive folder is on a NTFS-formatted partition

Does anyone know this type of file? I’ve found nothing while searching via Google.

I thought of alternate data streams, could these files be such data streams which got extracted by TestDisk?


Each of those is an alternate data stream (ADS), which, in general, is arbitrary extra data programs (or the OS) associates with a file in an NTFS file system. SkyDrive (now OneDrive) apparently uses an ADS called :ms-properties to store some sort of meta-data it uses about the file. See Brian’s first comment on this thread. In a data recovery scenario, it sounds like those aren’t useful because you can just drop the recovered files back into OneDrive on your new environment.

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