What do you call the place on a hard drive (or motherboard, or anywhere else) to place jumpers?

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Most hard drives have a set of pins next to the pata or sata port to place jumpers to do things such as designating it a slave or master. What is the name of those set of other pins? Hard drives are a common place to see them, but they also appear on motherboards, and even other consumer electronics, such as a television set or television remote. I’ve always just called them “the pins where you put the jumpers.” Do they have a proper name?

EDIT: I realize that they are physically the same as a header, but since a header is used to attach a new component, I would not consider it to be a header since jumpers are not a new component being attached.


While they are the same physical part as a header, generally with PCs ‘headers’ are pins you attach leads to. Say, the HDD LED or the Power Switch leads.

Pins specific to jumpers are refered to as “Jumper Pins” and are arranged into “Jumper Blocks”.

They’re just called “headers“.

I’d probably call them “connectors”.

But I wouldn’t stress too much about the semantics, I have heard IT professionals use every one of these terms at some time or another.

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