What’s an easy way to shut down a computer that I’m connected to via RDP

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I have a secondary machine on my local network that I usually use via RDP. Most of the time, it’s on 24/7, but there are times when I may want to shut it down from the RDP client machine. The shutdown and restart options aren’t available from the Windows XP start menu when you connect to a machine via RDP, so how can I shut this machine off without actually going to the physical machine? Also note that this computer currently doesn’t have a monitor attached to it, which is partly why I want to be able to shut it down over RDP.


I would start a command prompt and type the following command:

“shutdown -s” to shutdown in less than a minute.

“shutdown -f” to shutdown immediately.

If you really only want to restart, type the following:

“shutdown -r”.

As others have said, the easiest way is via the Shutdown command from the command prompt or the run box.

If this is a domain and you have the privilage to shut down remotely, you can always use the shutdown command from your machine using Shutdown /s /m \computername, or shutdown -i for a interactive prompt.
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Lastly, if you do want to it via a normal GUI, next time you are connected, click on the option “Windows Security”, this will bring you the traditional Ctrl+Alt+Del prompt, where you can shutdown, restart or do whatever you want to the computer!

(You can also right click on the taskbar and choose Task Manager and do it from there).

From Start -> Run... you can run shutdown -s. From a command prompt, you can execute shutdown /? to see a list of options.

I go to the desktop and do Alt+F4. That will give you the options to shutdown, restart or logoff.

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