What’s the equivalent of Ubuntu’s apt-get command on a Mac

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I’m trying to install the Feedzirra gem to do some work with RSS feeds. One documented issue with the installation is the need to install libcurl3-dev to address a common error in the installation process.

I came across this solution: Feedzirra and How I Installed it but it’s for Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get install libcurl3-dev

I’m running ruby on rails on a Mac and was hoping someone could tell me the equivalent command for my system.


There is no exact parallel on mac to apt (switch to Linux for that), but some of the more common package names can most likely be installed from MacPorts. So, after installing MacPorts, run:

sudo port install libcurl3-dev

Homebrew is a popular alternative to the above-suggested MacPorts. I haven’t used MacPorts but my impression from all the forum posts about the two is that Homebrew is easier to use.

that would be fink, which uses apt and dpkg.

due to the fact that official project website www.finkproject.org is often down, you can get an overview here finkers.wordpress.com/about/.

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