When I shut down Linux Mint on VMware, it erases everything

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Problem :

I have installed Linux Mint on VMware from Windows 10 Pro. Every time i connect to Linux, it erases everything i have done the las time i logged in. Software, files, everything!

Why is this happening?

Here is the sudo df that a user asked. (@AFH)

(I couldnt copy/paste from VM, so here are 2 screenshots.)

Screenshot no.2

Solution :

Why is this happening?

aufs mounted as / is a union mount. It uses a static content (probably mounted to /rofs beforehand) at first, then any change you do to the filesystem is transparently laid over it.

These changes are kept in RAM (we could see details if you posted the output of mount) and they are lost every time you reboot the (virtual) machine.

This or equivalent solution is often used by live boot OS-es or Linux installers (that allow you to try the OS before you install); it’s uncommon on regular desktops. I don’t know Mint enough to tell how you got into this situation and what you should have done differently.

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