When libc6 will be updated for Ubuntu 18.04?

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Problem :

I have problem with getting latest version of libc6 on my Ubuntu 18.04 and some other packages in general.

As it can be seen on this page, there is libc6 2.32 for latest Ubuntu, but the highest version of libc6 available for my OS is 2.27.

Am I getting something wrong? Should LTS versions be supported or not? If I want fresh packages in apt do I need to update to 20.04 or will they appear for 18.04 at some point?

Solution :

Released versions of Ubuntu will never upgrade upstream package versions, only backport security fixes and extremely important bug fixes.

Therefore your best options are:

  • Use some kind of container or virtualisation technology to run a 20.04 release on your 18.04 release;
  • Upgrade to 20.04;
  • Rebuild the software you want to run, so it works on your current 18.04 machine.

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