Which file system is the fastest? [closed]

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I’m looking to format my hard drive. I’ve heard about a file system called “ext3”, it’s supposedly a linux partition and I think is a lot faster than NTFS.

But my question, is, is there anything faster than ext3? And how could I format my drive to that particular file system.

I’m using Windows 8.

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You’re right ext3 (and there’s also ext4) is a Linux File System. Yes, it’s fast but not compatible with Windows. If you want to use an ext3/4 file system you’ll need a Linux OS. For Windows 8 the default NTFS file system is plenty fast as opposed to FAT32.

Take a further read on Wikipedia about file systems

Ext4 is faster (I think) than Ext3, but they are both Linux filesystems, and I doubt that you can get Windows 8 drivers for either ext3 or ext4. If I were you, I would stick with NTFS.

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