Why am I getting 100% disk usage on Windows 10, I’ve tried other solutions

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How do I stop my disk usage being at 100% on Windows 10? Below is what I’ve tried

  • Changing Link Storage Technology in Intel Rapid Storage to be off
  • Restarting or Disabling Windows Search service
  • Restarting or Disabling Windows Superfetch or SysMain service
  • DISM and SFC scans
  • Checking for hard drive errors in CrystalDiskInfo
  • Running programs as administrator
  • Changing the security of backup programs and high disk usage programs to give my user all the permissions in the Properties
  • Looking at Task Manager to find the cause (the processes listed don’t add up to 99% or 100%)

Is there any other suggestions I can do?

Here is what happens when Firefox runs in safe mode (having all extensions disabled)

enter image description here


To see which applications are doing lots of I/O:

  • Run Task Manager
  • Go to the Details tab
  • Right-click any column header and choose “Select columns”
  • Place check-marks next to “I/O reads” and “I/O writes” and click OK
  • Click one of these two columns twice to order by descending values,
    then the other.

I got a working solution from Ten Forums.

Run: Tuneup.bat – Click the link below to go to the BSOD batch repository to download and run this batch file.

Download tuneup.bat

I also provided additional tips here.

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