Why does Chrome remove extension’s icon when in ‘incognito mode’?

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Problem :

I have an extension installed in Google Chrome named : Proxy-Switchy.

It has an icon just next to the right of address bar to the left of popular (single) settings icon which looks like:

icon shown

But when I switch over to Incognito Mode, it disappears and it becomes like:

icon missing

Why does it happen so?

Solution :

I believe Chrome when in incognito mode removes your extensions to sandbox your incognito mode browser session from your extensions. Ie. your extensions have access to your chromium browsing data.

Please correct me if I am wrong. I cannot seem to find the link I read this on at the moment.

You will need to explicitly enable Extensions in Incognito mode

Chrome extensions

This behaviour is by-default – for the reasons Chris explains.

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