Why is Linux Firefox so sluggish recently?

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I switched to Chrome half a year back because Firefox had become sluggish on my Linux box (both Ubuntu and OpenSuse). 6 months later and the problem remains – anyone know what is going on and any tips to improve? I still need to use Firefox occasionally for Firebug.


For me, performance is the real deal-killer for Firefox nowadays. Compared to Chrome it’s just too damn slow*, so I don’t think your experiences are unique or imply that something is wrong with your install.

Perhaps a refresh of the codebase for 4.0 might help, until then I, like you, stick to Chrome for 99% of tasks and switch to Firefox for Firebug.

*And not just at the Javascript benchmarks the vendors seem so keen on shoving down our throats, and which I’m almost sure us users couldn’t notice the difference in. No, I’m talking about startup time, new tab time, extension load time, the fact that Chrome never expects you to wait while it updates or restarts itself etc. All this downtime together is part of what makes Firefox so ‘slow’ and unappealing.

Do you periodically clean the firefox internal database? How many extension have you loaded in it?
On openSUSE firefox has a long standing issue…see my blog to encounter it.. I have posted the solution there.

Remove Flash, remove Firefox, reinstall Firefox without Flash. Try again. Any difference?

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