Wifi in Windows 8 kills itself after a second

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I have a problem with Windows 8.1 on my laptop.

Since about a week (I can’t remember what modifications to software I did, but I’m pretty sure I changed nothing), when I boot or resume PC from sleep, I get wifi disconnected.

So I enable it and wait for it to connect. I click the wireless icon and switch Enabled. After about one second from that, during connection to my home router, wifi disconnects. The Enabled switch goes into disabled mode.

It takes a few back-and-forth with the two switches: Enabled and Airplane Mode to get things normal again.

But it’s annoying.

When I talk about “switches” I obviously talk about software switches on Windows graphical interface, not hardware switches. My laptop is an ASUS N76VZ


It is possible that you got newer version of drivers via Windows Update. I had a few instances when these drivers were causing problems like you describe. I would redownload wifi drivers from official website and reinstall it.

You can find the drivers for your model here:

Windows 8 64bit:


Windows 8.1 64bit:



Uninstall the driver from Device Manager and let Windows detect the device again.
Then, avoid updating drivers via Windows Update or any other means. While they work good, there is no need to change.

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