Will deleting partitions affect my hard drive in any way?

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Problem :

I installed a Suse partition of around 200 Gigabytes on my hard drive, primarily running Windows 7. I am sick of Suse’s crap, and just want to get rid of the OS and get that partition back for Windows’ use. Is it as simple as that partition gets deleted,and I can choose what partition that space goes to, or is it communal that all partitions can access? I know next to nothing about partitions, so any help would be great. Also, if someone knows HOW to delete partitions, that would be a great help too.

Solution :

No, deleting Partition does not affect other partitions. (unless you manage to mess things up completely).

For Windows7 go to: Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management (as Administrator) -> Storage -> Disk Management

There you can delete the partition and resize the other.

Just a warning: do not delete the 100MB system partition, thats the boot partition for windows.

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