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Problem :

I am trying to limit an account on my computer. It is an admin account (standard account is too restrictive to be useful), not the local admin. I ran:

Found a way. Just run Command Prompt as administrator, then use the
net command:

REM run Command Prompt as administrator
REM set restrictions net user joe /times:M-F,3pm-9pm;Sa-Su,9am-11am
REM remove restrictions net user joe /times:all
REM see current status net user joe

than did:

To lock user session after logon hours expire, run the Local Group
Policy Editor and set action to take when logon hours expire:

Press Win+R, then type gpedit.msc. Under User Configuration ->
Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Logon
Options, click on Set Action to take when logon hours expire. Choose
Enabled, then set the action to Lock or Logoff, depending on your

but it seemingly did nothing and user experiences nothing. What am I missing? Is it just because it is an admin account?

Solution :

I just tested it using Windows 10 Pro; it did not work with an admin account, but it did work with a standard account.

An administrator account can easily remove any restrictions placed on it.

However, a standard account cannot do this.

The easiest way to solve the problem is to use the builtin Family Safety tools from Microsoft to limit the time and apps that can be used. The downside is that the user does not have admin privileges.

If you need admin, looking for a third-party tool would probably help. (I cannot recommend one because it would be off-topic).

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