Windows 10 Shows Orange Screen with White Vertical Lines on boot

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Problem :

Orange Screen (See picture below) appears on boot after Dell loading screen.

  • Dell Inspiron 580 w dual monitors
  • Dell Bios is latest version (A07)
  • Nvidia GeForce 310 (Driver version 341.95 – latest)
  • BitLocker enabled with no TPM
  • Hyper-V enabled

Surprisingly, I can key in my BitLocker password at this orange screen and startup Windows… (O_o)

If I suspend BitLocker this screen does not appear; but after I enabled it, the orange screen comes back again.

I found these messages in Event Log, maybe they will be helpful:

  • (Warning) The driver DriverWudfRd failed to load for the device ROOTWPD000.

  • (Error) The required GPU resources could not be accessed. This server cannot run as a RemoteFX host without a GPU. Verify that the GPU is correctly installed.

Orange Screen of Death?!?

Screenshot of Disk Management

Disk Management

Solution :

Aug 2016 Win 10 Anniversary Update Solved My Problem

This update fixed my orange screen on BitLocker boot screen.

Beware: Updating took a few restarts and about 2-3 hours on my machine.

Had the same problem and am posting for posterity. I  was especially perplexed since I don’t use bitlocker (Veracrpyt instead, open source, no one including MSFT will be able to crack the encryption).

Creating a boot from Media Creation Tool to a USB thumb drive and attempting to reinstall gave me this orange white striped screen.

It’s not until I used a third party USB boot creator (Rufus in my case, but probably others will do) that everything worked as it should AND I WAS NEVER ASKED FOR A BITLOCKER PASSWORD EXPLICITLY OR INDIRECTLY (orange screen).

I used windows media tool to create an .iso file, then Rufus to create a bootable drive on my USB thumb drive. Be careful which partition scheme you use.

Without thinking about it I chose MBR, which leads to having a non-UEFI legacy boot mode, which later caused an annoyance with Veracrypt.

But if you don’t care then MBR will work fine.

I had to convert my MBR partition to GPT to be able to use Veracrypt with a USB rescue drive.

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