Windows 10 Taskbar: Never combine, always hide labels

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Is there a way to never combine task bar icons, but still not display their labels?

This worked on Windows 7 with a registry hack found here, but it doesn’t work as expected on Windows 10. It is especially useful if you have multiple instances open, you know their order and you want to save this one click you always have to make when they’re combined.

Not an option here


Example of what I’d like:


Is this possible without 3rd party applications? Preferably using a registry hack.

Note: It is possible using a simple Registry hack in Windows 7, however, it’s a completely different story for Windows 10.


Though this doesn’t completely answer your question,

This was possible till Windows 8.1 using the minWidth registry hack found here.

In Windows 10, it is possible if you move your taskbar to a side…

Placing the taskbar to one side.

Taskbar Properties.

Or, You could use a 3rd party program called 7+ Taskbar Tweaker…(It was recently updated to work with Win 10.)

enter image description here

Result…enter image description here

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