Windows 10 update doesn’t start after update from windows 7

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Problem :

I recieve the windows 10, download it and start the update. It started copying data and on 8 percent or something like that made a restart. After the restart the
PC started and I recieve the message:

Reboot and select proper Boot divice or select media in selected boot
device and press a key

So what are my options now, is this is normal?

  • Is the update failed by some reason or I should insert disk/usb of windows 10. I don’t have any.

  • If the update failed can I somehow repair the windows 7 ? I don’t have Windows 7 at home 🙂 I have access only to BIOS.

What I had try:
Try to put, only the hard disk as boot device. Doesn’t work.

The restart happen on this point, after first restart I recieve this message:

Solution :

You can go to and download the install utility. With this, you can make a bootable usb stick or DVD with the install media from another pc.

Create such and use that to install your windows again. If you use the same language and version as your corrupted windows 7 to 10 install, it should still allow you to upgrade it and fix the problem. Otherwise you’ll be asked if you want to do a clean install, which means that you will have your files, but not the settings and apps installed.

Do note, you will need your serial for your windows 7.

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