Windows 7: Is there a way to reroute CMD+Left to Pos1 and CMD+Right to End?

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Using Mac OSX, I quickly grew accustomed to CMD+Left and CMD+Right to jump to the beginning or the end of the line in a text-editor. On my work-PC, these combinations only jump one word left or right, as ALT+reft or right to on the Mac.

Is there a way achieve these keybindings in Windows 7 too? The system preference for keyboard only lets me pick cursor speed and such nonsense.


You can use AutoHotkey.

The CMD key translates to the Window key IIRC (I don’t have a Mac keyboard handy).

Add this to the default script

#Right:: SendInput {End}
#Left:: SendInput {Home}

That will override the Window+Left,Right which snaps the window to the left and right side of the screen.

You can map the Aero Snap to something else, like Alt – Right,Left

!Right:: SendInput #{Right}
!Left:: SendInput #{Left}

You can also use FN+Left for begining of the line, or Fn+Right for the end of the line (Home and End), which is close by the Cmd key.

EDIT: This will only work on the Apple Mac keyboards

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