Windows 7 loses access to network drives

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Ok this is an odd one, but is happening often enough its getting quite annoying.

I recently installed Windows 7 on my work computer (about 2 months ago) and every so often I lose access to network shares on our work network.

Its one server in particular – other shares are still working fine.

I have a number of folders mapped as a drive, and all of the ones on a particular file server have lost access. If I try to access the machine directly (fileserverd$) it doesn’t work either with this message:

Windows cannot access fileserverd$.
You do not have permission to access
fileserverd$. Contact your network
administrator to request access

Once I reboot the computer, access is restored like it should be. The computers are all on a domain and my user has administrator level access to the server in question.


On the remote computer set the user account so that user session doesnt expire.

I would make sure that the network drives have fixed IPs.

Any NAS, network printer or other device you want to access via the network should be assigned a fixed IP so it doesn’t get ‘lost’.

This can be done in most router configurations.

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