Windows 7 No Network Access using ICS

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I have an Xbox 360, and unfortunately, no wireless adapter for said Xbox.

Since I’m cheap, I decided to use my laptop and the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) option within Windows 7 to share my Internet from my wireless card to my Ethernet port and from there to my Xbox. This setup worked fine for a long time – about a year and a half.

Then, one day last week, it all simply stopped working. I have tried to set it back up the way it was, but my Xbox keeps saying it has an IP error, and on the Network and Sharing Center, it says that my Local Area Network connection has no network access.

I thought it was a problem with my Windows install, and after much hassle over this past weekend I finally have a working clean Windows 7 install.


Ok nevermind people. I ended up re-formating my computer and reinstalling windows 7 onto it. That didn’t help. So i decided to check my ethernet port. turns out thats probably broken, as i cent get a network connection through it if i connect it to my router. I gave up with this and wired some cat53 cable through the walls to my room and simply directly connected my xbox to the router.

alls good now 🙂

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