Windows 7 reboot makes my computer halt in a black screen before the loading bar screen

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My laptop has been having this problem ever since I first tried Windows 7 since 2009. What happens is, sometimes, when I reboot it, it just hangs infinitely as described in my title. I can’t ever really reboot it, so normally I just put it on standby and avoid installing critical stuff. When I do reboot it and get lucky that it doesn’t hang forever, I have to make a full image using a backup utility so that I can restore it. I tried many fresh installs already but this always happens. What could be the problem?


Several reasons for a black screen.

  1. Anti Virus software (Symantec) can cause this, change brands

  2. Video drivers can cause it, update the driver, or a bad video card/chip

  3. File system corruption within the $Txf directory, see this link. Article was written for Vista but also applies to W7, although it was more common in Vista for some reason.

  4. File corruption is the most common reason, it could be any critical file needed to load the OS, from the Master Boot Record to $Txf folder.

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