Windows 7 to Windows 7 Remote Desktop Not working, XP to 7 working fine

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I have a small home network and recently I tried to enable remote desktop for one of the PC’s. I have a mix of Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP runing alongside Ubuntu, centos and others (some virtual, some real).
I have a few Windows 7 PC`s that can be connected to using remote desktop from inside and outside the network (port redirects on routers, etc, etc) and some XP ones.

The trouble is when I tried to do the same thing to a Windows 7 laptop I discovered I can’t connect to it from another Windows 7 PC inside the home network. To sum it up

Working: XP –> Windows 7
not working: Windows 7 –> Windows 7

What I tried

  • disable and enable remote desktop (my computer -> remote settings)
  • removing and adding users to the remote settings window
  • adding a new user to the machine, administrator or ‘normal’ user
  • checking the firewall settings on the machine and set ‘allow’ to remote desktop for both ‘home/work’ and ‘public’ networks

Any tips on what should I do next?
It displays ‘ .. secure connection’ and after that the window with ‘Your security credentials did not work’ and it lets me try again with another user/password..


It might be a firewall issue.

Check what you did against this article :
Configure Remote Desktop Access on Windows 7 Systems.

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