Windows 8 “Run” not opening in the bottom left corner

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On my Windows 8 Desktop the “Run” window doesn’t open in the bottom left corner of the screen anymore. On all my other desktops, at work or at home, Windows 7 and 8, WIN+R opens the “Run” window in the bottom left corner.

How can I fix this?

To clarify: Currently the run box opens up on the center of the main screen (so yes, multi-monitor with two screens with different resolutions). But I’ve seen it come up in different locations from time to time, but it doesn’t match the window state of the current foreground window, I already tried that.

Also the volume mixer opens up in the middle of the main screen, too. And not right above the little speaker icon in the tray bar.

The PC problems window opens up correctly above its icon, though.

What I already tried:

  • Changing display resolution (window still in the center)
  • Changing primary display to second screen (run opened in the center on both screens)


Are you using ATI/AMD video drivers on this computer? Was having the same issue and uninstalling the HydraVision component from the catalyst software suite seemed to fix it.

Try going into Folder Options and then in the View tab click on Reset Folders. Any results?

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