Windows can’t wake up after an upgrade

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I am using Windows 10. I always leave my PC on sleep when I am not around and wake it up by pressing any key. This has worked fine until 1803, but in every subsequent Windows update after I put my computer to sleep and wake it up, the screen stays black. I can hear all the fans working and all the peripherals light up, but the screen stays in sleep mode.

Now I have been forced to upgrade to the latest update and I still have this issue. I thought that maybe it was because of the motherboard so I updated Bios. I have ASRock 870 Extreme3 R2.0

What could be the possible reason? Where should I start looking?


This problem has many causes. Below are listed some of them with suggestions.

  • Run the Power troubleshooter

  • Restore Power Plan Default Settings : In Power Options, click Change plan settings,
    then “Restore default settings for this plan”

  • Turn of Hibernation using a Command Prompt (cmd) run as Administrator:

    powercfg /h off
  • Update graphics card driver (download only from the manufacturer)

  • Update BIOS (very carefully, download only from the computer/motherboard manufacturer)

  • Search the BIOS for a function called “BIOS PSP Support” (if exists in your BIOS)
    and enable it

  • A claimed
    was to use regedit to navigate to the key
    where the resolution is entered wrongly in six entries that need to
    be corrected. Reboot is recommended, as well as creating a System Restore point
    before modifying the registry.

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