Windows differ that can rename tabs?

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As a quick hack, I sometimes need to compare two documents. I’d like a differ for Windows that will let me:

  1. Copy/paste the two docs each in its tab
  2. Rename the tabs so I know which is which without having to prepend the origin of the file in the actual data
  3. Show me the differences

WinMerge doesn’t seem to be able to rename the “Untitled left/right” tabs:
enter image description here

Do you know of a free/affordable Windows application that can do this?

Thank you.


If it has to be documents, you can use Notepad++ with “Compare”plugin

  • Install Notepad++
  • Install plugin “Compare” from plugin manager in plugins menu
  • Although Tabs cannot be renamed, full path of the current active tab is shown in the title bar

I have always recommended BeyondCompare to my coworkers:

It allows copy/paste between the two documents. I don’t think you can edit tab names, but it shows the full path to the file in the headers so you can tell which is which, and it has an excellent diff interface (including intra-line diffs with highlighting).

It also has different rule sets for various file types (HTML, XML, CSV, text, etc…) so the diff logic is smart (e.g. it can ignore things like whitespace and comments, if you want to).

It’s one of the few software utilities I think is well worth the $$ they are asking.

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