Windows: How turn off hidden attribute for all files and directories on a drive?

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My Windows 7 was recently infected by the virus and it hid all my files and directories. I believe I’ve removed the virus but I still can’t find many files and programs.

Is there a single command-line tool in Windows that can recursively turn off the hidden attribute for an entire drive?


Unhide is designed specifically to address this symptom.

When run, it will unhide (-H) all +H files on the fixed disks of your
computer. It will not, though, unhide any files that also have the +S

Refer to the Removal Guide for System Fix for further information.

I think attrib -H /S /D should do the trick.

You may also try this simple windows script for unhiding files and directories. It only prompts the user to input the drive letter then executes the vbscript.

Run your notepad, copy the code below, then save it as unhide.vbs

pc_drive = InputBox("Input drive letter" & vbnewline & "example: E:", ""Drive"",""E:"")

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