Windows Simple MIDI Synthesizer? [closed]

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I am looking for a small MIDI synthesizer for Windows. It must accept MIDI notes from MIDI ports. On Mac I’ve found this

which works nicely. Anything for Windows?

Note: I’m looking for something free and compact, so how it sounds is not important in this context.


Try CoolSoft’s VirtualMidiSynth.

While I don’t know of a freeware all-in-one synth for Windows, you could roll one yourself by using Tobybear’s MiniHost together with a free VST plugin, such as Oatmeal.

It’s been awhile since I used MiniHost, but I recall that it can interface with the system MIDI ports, and that you can also instruct it to automatically reload the last plugin on startup. This way, you get a standalone synth without the hassle of a sequencer.

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