Windows Standard Mode: When did it first appear?

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I have read conflicting tales of when Windows first ran in protected mode and ran one DOS application in real mode (this mixture is the so-called standard mode, I think). Some sources claim it was Windows 2.0, some claim it was Windows 2.1 (which introduced enhanced mode for the 386).

Can anyone confirm which tale is true?


Wikipedia says it’s Windows 2.1

Windows 2.1 was released in two different versions: Windows/386 employed the 386 virtual 8086 mode to multitask several DOS programs, and the paged memory model to emulate expanded memory using available extended memory. Windows/286 (which, despite its name, would run on the 8086) still ran in real mode, but could make use of the high memory area.

I found this article now:

It shows a box and a start screen of a Windows/386 2.0, meaning that Windows 2.1 wasn’t the first Windows/386 but Windows 2.0 was – a specific version for Compaq. This makes it highly likely that Windows/286 already existed with Windows 2.0.

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