Windows Vista Can’t Install Applications such as VMWare Player

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I’m trying to install several programs such as Juniper Client and VMWare player. Especially for VMWare Player, if I double-click on the application, a DOS window just pops up and rapidly disappears. For a program like Juniper Client, it appears to unzip but then it just dies. If I run these programs directly through the command line as admin, no error / nothing is printed, it just dies.

Any idea where / what logs I can look at? Better yet, any solutions are always welcome


I believe running the program as an administrator should resolve the problem, no? Also, just like fardjad recommended, I would check for corruption.

A better place to look for solutions regarding VMWare might be here:

I have had issues such as the one you are having – I had to clean my cache, re-download the document/software after removing corrupted versions and running as admin.

Hope this helps a little…

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