windows XP, windows explorer address bar does not resolve hostnames

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This is puzzling me from a while, if I use windows explorer to access a remote network share by IP it works fine, however it does not work if I use hostname


\IP_addressc$  - works

\hostnamec$ - does not work

from a command line I can ping the short/long hostname without any problems, I do have the windows “web client” service running, any thoughts on this ?


Your software firewall is probably blocking File and Print Sharing (or at least ONE, but clearly not all, of the ports it uses). Go into your firewall properties and check it. You can also turn it off temporarily to test if that does not work.

enter image description here

Here is more on the ports used:

One more thing to check is in your Network connection’s properties. Make sure it is set to default, or enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP.

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