Wireless connectivity cuts out after 20 mins when plugged into mains

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Can someone help me.

I’m running Windows Vista on a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo PI 2530 laptop.

Ever since I’ve had my laptop, 6 years now I’ve had an issue whereby the Wireless connectivity cuts out after about 25 minutes when I have my laptop plugged into the mains. If it’s running off the battery then the connectivity is fine. I would be grateful if someone could advise on why this is happening and what the solution might be.


I remember reading this fixed this issue for someone.

Unistall drivers and then reinstall them.

Then go to: Power Options->Balanced ->Change power plan -> Change advanced power setting -> Wireless Adapter Setting -> Power Saving Mode …and make sure these settings are selected-> On Battery: Max. Performance; Plugged in: Maximum Performance.

If this doesn’t work I would search for a different version of your wireless driver.

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