XP Command Line: Use Keyboard To Scroll Through Results?

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Problem :

In a command prompt, how do I scroll up through the results using only the keyboard?

In Linux, I think I could use Shift + Page-Up. Is there an equivalent in XP’s command line?

Solution :

Alt+Space, then e, then l. Scroll. Actually, it’s just the system menu, as you will see. 😀

Then use the arrow keys, of course.

Although Abraxas’ answer technically does it (I was going to give that as one of my answers too), I don’t sense that is what you are really looking for. Normally I would try to summarize this link, but it is fairly involved, so I will just post it. In the end, he actually lets you download the complete script, which should give you the functionality the way I believe you intended.

http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/27080/how-to-scroll-the-command-prompt-window-with-the-keyboard/ (see the download on the last line of the actual article, but before the comments)

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